Hazoor’s (aba) Insightful Response to Contemporary Issues

Hazoor's Response to Contemporary Issues

The world we live in today, is plagued with issues such as homosexuality, poverty, and international terrorism. The world leaders be they, Muslim, Christian, or Jewish forgiving, their own twisted verdicts leading the nations to collide and differ on nearly every single issue. Muslim leaders are altering the words of the Holy Quran and our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) to best suit their desires.

From the wrong for belief in the so-called 'triple-talaq' to the heinous killings in regards to their apostasy laws. The Muslim Omar is a perfect reflection of the hadith that they will want a mirror the Jews.

Today, there is only one man on the face of the Earth is guidance is based upon true Islamic teachings; he is there, Khalifa, the representative of Allah on Earth – one and 7 billion.

Our beloved Khalifa Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) endeavours day by day to tackle these contemporary issues, head-on and drag the world away from the dark pit. It is rapidly headed towards.

The first topic, which has all has beautifully explained throughout the years, is an issue which is ever-growing in today's society is: that Islam sees women inferior to men.

In today's day and age, Islam is under fire and it is often thought that the religion does not want quality to women, but rather it presses them. There is a common misunderstanding in the west that women are suppressed in Islam. Hazoor has very beautifully explained at the Jalsa Salona UK Lajna address in 2016 that no other book before the Holy Quran has given women their rights just as it has to the men. It's all refers to the verse of the holy Quran in chapter 2, verse, 229, the rights upon women are equal to those upon men.

Has all that eloquently goes on to say that the Quran has given women many rights, such as a man and woman, having the same award for the pious deeds, women having the right upon which they earn and that women have been made the owners of properties.

Following on from this Hazoor describes a short encounter he had with a female journalist. The journalist author is all that as Christianity has changed its teachings in accordance to new era, do you not think that changes also needed in Islam's teachings.

Hazoor gave the most beautiful perfect answer by saying…

"No, why? Because the holy Quran has kept in mind, human nature, when distributing responsibilities, and once they have been distributed, there is no need for change. The changes only needed where there is a lack of right to be filled with a women's rights or men's rights".

Just a few years ago when our beloved Hazoor (aba) went for his tour of Canada, he had a very interesting interview with a news anchor by the name of Peter Mansbridge. In this interview, he questioned the separation of men and women at events, such as Jalsa Salanas and ijtemas. Hazoor eloquently explained to him that this separation in no way means that they are segregated, but rather if you were to ask the Ahmadi women, and Hazoor actually stated that he often does ask, but they would insist that they do not feeling anyway uncomfortable. Hazoor send refers to the insightful command of the Quran. Women are instructed to lower their gaze as a form of purdah and the next verse gives the same teaching for women.

Hazoor then finish the discussion by saying: "apart from this, it is the religious teaching… Whether you like it or not".

This is the Divine Khalifa of Islam, who, shows us from his supreme example, how to wisely deal with attacks on Islam why not shying away from the truth. Do you have no inferiority complex with regards to Islam. Regarding the treatment of women, study showed that one and three women will insure domestic violence in their lifetime. Such people are not following to my leader, there was no one stopping them or advising them to treat women kindly. On the other hand, Hazoor-e-Anwar (aba) constantly tells Ahmadi men to treat women with the utmost respect. Speaking about the severity of domestic abuse in the home on the 19th of May 2017 in his Friday sermon Hazoor stated:

"Some men, thinking that they have unbridled authority as the head of the house, are engaged in domestic violence and cruelty to children. So, if one wants to carry on treating his wife and children, like ignorant people, then there's no benefit in coming into the bai'at of the Promised Messiah (as)."
Today, Muslims are scared to announce their faith leading to recent statistics. Show that around 27% of Muslims are "nonpractising", even those who are practising the concept of Islamic teachings have become skewed. The number of Muslim teens who now drink alcohol has risen dramatically over the past decade. All these anatomic actions are down to one factor, the Muslim Ummah, being ignorant of the single Muslim leader, who has forsaken every western ideology which contradicts Islamic law…

Hazoor (aba) does not in any way, shape or form, except the adaption of Islamic teachings. Now, many people accuse a salam for not integrating into society, and it is the renowned belief that one simply cannot be a Muslim and the so-called 'westernised'.

If we just have a look back at the interview our beloved Hazoor (aba) had with Peter Mansbridge, Hazoor (aba) valiantly, states that:

"you have to be law-abiding, you have to work for the betterment of your nation and country, this is true integration".

Hazoor then refers to an incident in Sweden for a journalist question that you do not shake hands with ladies? So how can you integrate into society? The wisdom behind Hazoor's reply, was such that he questioned them back by saying that how does shaking hands with women have any such relation with the betterment of the country or nation.

The misconception of Islam is not unheard of, the view that people have of its teachings, it's blurry through the glasses of hate that people tend to view the teachings of Islam through. On his tour of Scandinavia Hazoor (aba) said…

"That if people viewed Islam through lenders of justice, instead of lenders of prejudice, then they would see that Islam is a religion of peace."

Hazoor has on many occasions instructed us to not fear what is being said about Islam, but rather that we should address these issues according to Islamic teachings, remember to keep in mind the fine line of wisdom. Our beloved Hazoor delivered a keynote address in Denmark of the need for mankind to respect each other. Now just to remind you, this is Denmark we are talking about, the country which is well renowned for publishing cartoons of the Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) without a care in the world for the offensive inflict upon Muslims. Again, at this occasion Hazoor rose to the controversy, and dealt with the issue at hand, by saying:

"This on just portrayal of the Holy Prophet (saw) defies history and defies the truth. The reality was that the Holy Prophet (saw) was forever in slaved by his determination, to establish peace and the rights of humanity."

Now these issues have led the youth to be at a crossroads in regards to their faith. Children in this society are being pushed towards atheism by being allowed to think they know what is best for them from such a young age. I mean children as young as seven are being taught about 'transgender experiences' in schools and certain unions are even contemplating, bringing the age down to just two years of age!

This is what the world wants to teach the kids, but our beloved Hazoor (aba) has been teaching us to love one another, to be loyal to one's faith and nation, and to uphold the responsibilities Islam demands from us from the moment we attend our first ijtema. The pledge is recited Ijtema after Ijtema to lay out our responsibilities as Ahmadis to not only Allah and his Khalifa, but our duties to our country as well. Just because we as Ahmadis serve our Community and our countries, it in no way means that we have to fall prey to the ideology and complexities, rather a quote of his old, which comes to mind perfectly summarise this topic is that:

"We will get the world follow us, and we will not follow the world."

Hazoor (aba) during the national ijtema said: "As Muslim youth, you should have no inferiority complex."

Through the Khalifa of Ahmadiyyat a new generation of Muslim youth are being born, who will be firm in their religion and faith, Inshallah.

All these issues I have stated have one basic solution which Hazoor (aba) has told people, not just for us as Muslims, but for the world on a global scale. That is for a Man to recognise his God and come back to his Creator. Hazoor (aba) has also sent many letters to world leaders counselling them on their actions and how good is the answer to the chaos.

Hazoor-e-Anwar constantly reminds in accordance to the Holy Quran, that this life that we are leaving today is nothing but a pass time. Hazoor (aba) specifically stated a couple of years ago in his Friday sermon that...

"Allah the Almighty states that you must remember that the life of this world is not everything as a real life is the one in the hereafter. Therefore, it is necessary for one to forge a relationship with Allah, the Almighty to Almighty to adhere to His commandments in order to seek His pleasure and a prosperous end."

Hazoor (aba) has said that the reason for injustice is the lack of spirituality. The reason for war is a lack of spirituality. The reason for greed is a lack of spirituality. All in all, the golden key for the world, Hazoor (aba) has said, is to recognise your Creator; without listening to the advice from the Khalifa, the world will never be in a state of peace.